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Identify security weaknesses the same way an attacker would, by compromising them.

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The Cenobe Penetration Testing Service validates the effectiveness of an organization’s security program and associated technical controls through regular single or managed assessments.

Our Services

Web/Mobile Penetration Testing
Assess the risk exposure of a web/mobile application, including but not limited to unauthorized access, privilege escalation, exploitation and data exfiltration.
External Penetration Testing
Identify vulnerabilities on system exposed on Internet from an outsider point of view.
Infrastructure Penetration Testing
Provide clients with a level of confidence that their Internet and LAN infrastructure is secure.
Cloud Security Testing
Assess the security of your operating systems and applications running on cloud.
Source Code Analysis
Comprehensive analysis of source code in a software solution or product.
Red Teaming
Simulating their methodologies, techniques and strategies, Security experts seek to achieve the ultimate goals, just as real attackers would have done.

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Meet Morpheus

Cenobe has developed Morpheus AI, an easy- to- use software solution that leverages artificial intelligence for a faster and less expensive alternative to hiring ethical penetration testers. Morpheus AI, provides you a current view of the risk posture from every web app you have, enabling you to protect your organization before the hackers find the vulnerabilities.

“Morpheus rich content and powerful pentesting tools provide an easy-to-use, fast, safe and affordable platform for everyone.”

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Morpheus AI

Web Penetration Testing

Morpheus AI applies artificial intelligence to web application penetration testing. CENOBE created a pen testing engine that provides a consistent, massively scalable, and automated solution.

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Why we are here?

Our expert team develops a product that is new and unique on the Greek Market of Cyber Security. We aim to provide a continuous process which reduces discovery time and focuses on weakness identification. Brings context to each asset it scans, checking how it could affect a business process.

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