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Enhance your security.
Protect your Data.

Enhance your infrastructure security with our cutting edge platforms.
We 'packed' the methodology an attacker would follow in 2 web applications that analyze & simulate penetration procedures.

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Penetration Testing platform

Assess the risk exposure of a your applications, including but not limited to unauthorized access, privilege escalation, exploitation and data exfiltration.

  • Red Engine

    Simulating hacker methodologies, techniques and strategies, Morpheus seeks ways to penetrate your application, just as real attackers would have done.
  • Continuous Surveillance

    Today's applications are constantly updating, code changes. Don't be left behind. Morpheus will check/test your perimeter in a daily basis, letting you know of pottential risks and remediations.
  • Timelapse

    Pentest Data analysis timeline gives you overview of what went wrong and provides evidence of weaknesses. On button click, jump back at any point in past pentests to compare and remediate.
  • Reporting

    Clear-cut, detailed reporting on every test run against your system/application. Get a multipage crystal clear report to present to your partners with fine details & descriptions.


Security assessment platform

Assess your partners and vendors from a single platform.
Improve an organization's security posture by providing discoverability, visibility, guidance and control.

  • Are you taking the right steps to protect your data?

    BlindSide can test a given URL for Environmental Data, Information Leaks, External Content and Vulnerabilities.
  • Security Score

    BlindSide measures the level of security of an organization or system. It uses a combination of data points, either collected organically or obtained from public and private sources in order to reflect the security posture of an organization/system.
  • Reporting

    BlindSide generates a report for every tested target with a click of a button. Get a multipage crystal clear report to present to your partners with fine details & descriptions.

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